10 Ways To De-Stress at Your Desk

You’re sitting at your desk concentrating on an important project when a co-worker stops by your desk to ask a question. This is called a drive-by and it makes you totally lose your momentum. Or you’re walking through the office and someone calls you over to their desk to ask a question. This is called the reverse drive-by. It’s just as disruptive. As if sitting in meetings wasn’t bad enough, these little moments at the office can cause a lot of stress. If you’ve ever experienced these situations, this list of 10 ways to de-stress at your desk may be just what you need.

There are many little things at work that can get your stress levels rising. Here are 10 easy ways to make your desk (even if it’s in the middle of an open-floor plan) your little oasis in the workplace.

  1. Infused Water – Keep your insides soothed with a bottle of water infused with a wedge of lemon, slices of cucumber, a finger of ginger, or a few strawberry slices — whatever is your favorite natural flavor. Staying hydrated with the added benefits of a fruit infusion can be refreshing and relaxing.
  2. Aromatherapy Roll-On – When you work in an office atmosphere you don’t have the luxury of lighting a scented candle or spraying your area with a room spray. The former is a fire hazard, and the latter may have your colleagues complaining about the smell. But you can keep a personalized aromatherapy roll-on at your desk or in your pocket. Roll a little onto your wrists and breathe in relaxation whenever you need it. The roll-on bottles are compact enough that you can even take them into meetings.
  3. Succulents – Corporate offices tend to be dry, chilly spaces with a lot of shared air. Plants help to clean the air but it can be hard to keep them alive for any length of time. Succulents require very little water and upkeep. You don’t have to worry about leaving them over the weekend. They can be cheerful and decorative.
  4. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp – Instead of a regular desk lamp, try a Himalayan salt lamp. They give off a lovely amber glow that creates a relaxing atmosphere. They are reputed to clean the air of impurities, and they’re also quite pretty.
  5. Calming Mist – Whenever you need to refresh yourself or soothe your skin in the dry air-conditioning, spritz on a little calming facial mist. Spray a little on your face and pat it in with your hands, or spray it into your hands and pat onto your face. Choose a spray with a calming scent like rose water or lavender water.
  6. Ocean Waves Meditation – Ever find yourself nodding off after sitting at your desk for too long? The combination of dry air and computer work can make your eyes tired, even if you’re not looking for a nap. A 15-minute refreshing meditation can help perk you back up. Try our Ocean Waves Refresher. It’s a free audio download. It could be the afternoon pick-me-up you need. Or it can also work to cool you down after a particularly trying meeting.
  7. Palm Stones – Keep some rose quartz crystals at your desk. Hold one in your palm and breathe slowly and deeply. Our rose quartz hearts are the perfect size to hold in your hand or slip into your pocket. The next time you are stuck in a meeting with someone who won’t stop talking, rub the quartz between your fingers and let the smooth stone calm you.
  8. Beautiful Tea – A warm beverage is a great way to get you over that 3PM hump. Coffee can give you some energy but will make you slump after a few minutes when the caffeine crashes. Try a beautiful herbal tea blend. They are caffeine free and can help cleanse away the day’s stresses. Make a small ceremony out of making tea. Bonus points if you drink your tea from a beautiful mug or tea cup set rather than a paper cup.
  9. Under-Eye Masks – You might want to use this one on the sly or your co-workers may think you are a little crazy. Cooling under eye masks can be a great way to relieve stress in your dry, tired computer eyes. If you don’t want to be seen wearing them at your desk, slip them on in a bathroom stall and rest for 10 minutes. Touch up your makeup and smile all the way back to your desk.
  10. Aromatherapy Hand Cream – If you write a lot or type a lot, your hands can get tired and cramped. Or if you just want to have something to do with your hands so that you don’t slap your co-worker, try giving yourself a hand massage with an aromatherapy cream infused with essential oils. Not only will your hands feel divine, the scent of the essential oils will boost your mood.

Self-care is important. Don’t wait until you get home from work to take care of yourself. We hope you enjoy this list of 10 ways to de-stress at your desk. Add these easy lifestyle tips to your working day.


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