What Is the Relaxation Cafe All About?

Welcome to the Relaxation Cafe where we serve up good vibes daily.

We’re here to help you relax. On the pages of this website, you’ll find information about meditation, essential oils, aromatherapy, lifestyle, and all things related to relaxation and self-care.

In the shop section, you’ll find essential oils, aromatherapy blends, unique fragrances, meditation downloads, bath accessories, and more. We’re always searching for the best ways to relax, so look for even more products in the coming months.

Our modern world is full of so many stressful factors: work, school, traffic, news, politics, social media noise. It’s enough to make you want to scream. But instead you can come to the Relaxation Cafe and chill with some meditation music, calm your spirit with our aromatherapy blends, or create the perfect luxurious bath experience. We strive to touch all of your senses.

Hop on over to the VIP section where you can join our mailing list for free. VIP status entitles you to free monthly meditations, exclusive content, unique product upgrades, and news of upcoming sales and promotions.

We hope you find the Relaxation Cafe a calming and positive environment. Enjoy your time here.

Peace and love,
Donna DeRosa
Relaxation Specialist


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Meet Donna

Hello, I’m Donna. I’m here to help you relax. The Relaxation Cafe is devoted to self-care. You’ll find a menu of meditations, aromatherapy, charms, along with tools and accessories to help you relax. We strive to cover all of the senses.